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Welcome to my antique buttons, antique knopen, antique knöpfe, antique knapper, antique bottoni, boutons antique collection website.

The purpose of this website is to make collecting antique buttons, the use of button material and the history of the button more widely known.

My passion for the button started in October 2003 afther visiting an antique button exhibition in the Admiraliteitshuis in Dokkum, where I bought a booklet about the button and learned there was an button collecors club in England.

Through the internet I started looking for information about collecting buttons and subsequently became a member of American Button Society.
Through the internet and at collectors fairs I met other button collectors. From these contacts the Dutch Button Collectors club (Knopenverzamelaars) came into being. The club now has members in Belgium and Germany as well. More information about this is in the chapter about button collectors.

My collection of antique buttons has the following subjects:
Metal buttons: (peasant) silver buttons, cut steel buttons, picture buttons, Pearl buttons; Enamel buttons; Buttons from other natural materials( ivory buttons, bone buttons, horn buttons, wooden buttons, vegetable ivory buttons); Glass buttons; Porcelain buttons; Ceramic buttons; Cinnabar buttons; Plastic buttons ( bakelite buttons, celluloid buttons, resin buttons, etc.) ;Jewel buttons and lythograph buttons also Designer buttons from Francois Hugo, Hèlène Méchin , Charles Horner, Roger Scâmama and André Molco.

My extra buttons are for sale.

Ina Hascher


I started visiting every secondhand - and craft shop in the neighbourhood where I did find some nice glass buttons. However nowadays grandmothers button boxes are hard to be found even in those shops. Occasionally a button box is given to me by a friend, containing sometimes nice antique buttons suitable for my collection.
Unfortunalty the variation in the Dutch antique buttons is limited. However pretty silver buttons, buttons made of black glass, china buttons and buttons made of horn are still to be found.
These buttons used to be on Dutch traditional clothes. Other exclusive antique buttons are to be found in France, Belgium, Germany, England and the U.S.


During the holidays I like rummaging al over the local markets and I am really supirised and happy when I sometimes find a beautiful button.

Through the internet you can also buy nice buttons but there is nothing like looking for something special in a button box, checking whether a button is really an antique one and undamaged, then deciding to buy it or not.

At first you like all buttons and you take home everything but like all collectors you become more critical as you learn more about the button. Then there is the moment you realize you have a realy special collection, that should be seen and enjoyed by other people too. That is why I decided to put my collection on the internet.


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